Extra! Extra! – Community Ark Server v1!


Ark Community Server, Version 1: The Center PVEVP

Watch the video down below to learn about the neutral starting village open to all players. The rules are also in the video but you can skip it and just read them down below. Server join link is past the rules!



The Rules:

  • Don’t mess with the Imperium Tribe they are neutral to everyone. Their owner Porridge is also the purveyor of the Neutral Village and the (to be built) Coliseum.
  • Should Disputes Arise- Call upon the Admin (Porridge) to mediate or B.T. if Admin isn’t on. If B.T. can’t he can relay the message to the Admin.
  • If Disputes can’t be fixed peaceably through mediation~compensation then War is permitted.
  1. Do Not Kill Passive Tames (whether at war or not)
  2. Do Not Destroy entire bases leave buildings mostly intact

In War-

  • Raiding is permitted. Again do not kill passive tames or destroy entire bases this includes destroying resources that are not sought after. Take what you need. Leave the rest. DO NOT RAID OFFLINE TRIBES… allow tribes the chance to defend themselves.


  • When not in war as a general rule don’t kill players over resources they are evenly spread over the map. Exceptions:
  1.  If they enter your area of control and do not leave when told to (more on that in a bit)
  2. If they build in Neutral/Non Build zones:
  • On Skull Island
  • On the Iceberg at Penguin Pond

Building on these two locations will see the Imperium blow up your buildings or contract it out to another tribe.


  • Area of Control (or A.o.C.) is a select area around your base that is under your authority. This allows players to have a soft border and allow people they are okay with build nearby but also allow them to gather “taxes” either through agreeable means or through force. Each tribe can have only one area and can only be a certain size (determined by their power, and willingness) Remember however that the Imperium owns all lands; as they are the real big power.  The rest of us are fledgling powers bound by law and treaties to the Imperium. Internal squabbles among the other tribes are permitted so long as actions are not taken against the Imperium*
Example ShuTau Lands; their A.o.C. is the north east part of Northern Snowy Mountain

Example ShuTau Lands; their A.o.C. is the north east part of Northern Snowy Mountain

  • Should players enter your A.o.C. you may attack them, specifically out of defense; as the border of this control is a means to spot incoming armies.
  1. The only exception to this rule is if they enter while trying to tame something (like a Quetz landing within your borders) You may force them to immediately leave once they have tamed the creature in question.


  • Again killing players while taming IS NOT PERMITTED <Imperium is very strict on this except….
  1. If the tribe (outside of the Imperium) is taming a Giganotosaurus <this is an act of war
  2. Or if the tribe is trying to tame a Titanosaur
  • Another act of War; Building on the floating Island due to the cave and strategic importance. The tribe that attempts this may be attacked without personal provocation and this is the only location where a base maybe destroyed in its entirety.

In General-

  • Remember focus on PVE first and foremost and attempt to help build a fair trading system
  • Cursing is permitted server wide; of course tho be respectful and don’t go over board!
  • If you build a temp base somewhere while/before heading to the area you wish to claim as your primary area please destroy the buildings so resources and tames will spawn!
  • Using the Neutral village is fine, only open taxes are to put feed (meat and berries in the four feeding bins)
Four Feeding bin locations at the Neutral Village

Four Feeding bin locations at the Neutral Village

One more note-

  • The Underworld is to be a war free zone; its where the Coliseum(s) will be built one on the island in the water and another actually in the water itself. All tribes are permitted to build a small base along the wall so they can bring dinos and gear and stage them there for PVP, PVE, tribe and personal based server events!!


To Join Server Click Here!

*As the Imperium is Neutral war with them is unlikely that said an end of this iteration of the server may see them as the main enemy; as well as PVP war events that may see tribes versus tribes to garner the Imperium’s ‘Right Hand’ favor. (of course this title will garner special tames, or extra resources)

B.T.’s Tribe is the ShuTau and they are based in the Northern Snowy Mountain.

The Imperium’s main base is located in the Jungles South just below Jungles Mid by the river, but they also directly own the Neutral Village and the Underground area of the Center.


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