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Category dealing with recent goings on both here on the site and the gaming industry at large, Rumors included typically for food for thought or when dealing with stuff on this site as hints to future content.

Summer Xmas Announcement

Summer Xmas Announcement ——————————————————————— Okay everyone FINALLY it is here. It has taken me a bit longer than expected so forgive me for that- B.T.   Welcome to this maybe one off […]

A Much Needed Text Update

———————————————————————————- Hello all I feel as if an update is in order. I haven’t been here and honestly haven’t been doing much with YT as many of you may or may not […]

Happy 4th & Update Too

———————————————————————————- Hello Everyone, I hope everyone had a Happy Fourth of July whether you be American’s in America, or abroad or even non-Americans. I just wish to extend a warm happy days […]